utopian festival

Participatory process

The AHRC Connected Communities Festival takes place from March 2016 until the end of June 2016 at locations across the UK, with some follow-up events later in the year.

The festival website is here www.Utopia500.org.uk

The festival aims to mobilise the potential for increasingly inter-connected communities to enhance self-reliance, prosperity, sustainability, health & well-being by better connecting research, stakeholders and communities.

The Programme is led by the AHRC in partnership with other Research Councils and a range of other organisations.

Taking inspiration from the 500th anniversary of the publication in 1516 in Latin of Thomas More’s Utopia, the 2016 Connected Communities Research Festival has the theme of Community Futures and Utopias. From March to June 2016 the Festival is supporting activities across the UK bringing together researchers and communities to creatively explore diverse perspectives on community futures and what ‘utopia’ means for communities in the 21st Century.

The Festival is being undertaken in partnership with The Somerset House Trust as a part of Utopia 2016: A Year of Imagination and Possibility.

Utopia 2016 is four seasons of activity celebrating the 500th anniversary of the publication of Thomas More’s Utopia. Published in Leuven in December 1516, More’s Utopia presented an imaginative and playful vision of the world as it could be at a time of great change. More’s Utopia is deliberately ambiguous: both “no place” and “good place”, he is clear that many other visions for society are possible. Through a series of exhibitions, events, new commissions, talks and workshops, Utopia 2016 will explore the broad cultural history of the idea of utopia and its relevance to 21st-Century cultural, ecological, and social challenges and opportunities. The year celebrates the pivotal role of the arts and culture in creating spaces where utopian dreams are possible. Throughout Utopia 2016 people from all walks of life will be invited to experiment with new ways we might live, make, work, play and dream.

Utopia 2016 is a collaboration between three neighbours: Somerset House, King’s College London and the Courtauld Institute and Gallery, in partnership with the British Library, the AHRC, and the British Council, and will also engage many of the 300 plus creative organisations, artists and makers resident at Somerset House.

Creative outcomes from over 20 projects supported as a part of the Connected Communities Festival will be showcased at a major public event, the Utopia Fair, which will take place in the Edmond J Safra Fountain Court at Somerset House, London, from the evening of 24th June 2016 until 26th June 2016.

Further details on Utopia 2016 and the Utopia Fair can be found at: http://utopia2016.com/


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